"I once made a performance with two guys who were not dancers, I was the only dancer. Then I fell in the beginning of the performance, on purpose, and I was just lying on the ground for twenty minutes."
- Laura Jantunen, 2018

“I Once Made A Performance” is the debut work of Helsinki-based multidisciplinary design practice Talking Through Our Bodies. 

A series of industrially knitted garment sculptures has resulted from a study on dynamic knitwear compositions, carried out through draping sessions with a live subject. During these sessions, two or more found garments came together as one through a free flow of interaction with the body. A selection of these moments was translated into a new series of pieces. The sculptures imply the weight, form and positioning of the body within, soft and pliable in their materiality, but with a frozen, dynamic moment embedded in their structures.


Knitwear desings - Kasia Gorniak

Knitwear developed by TextielLab in the Netherlands

Model/Dancer & Muse - Laura Jantunen

Two first photos - Mickael Vis

Lover two photos - Kasia Gorniak

Funded by Arts Promotion Centre Finland

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