masennusryijy _ veera konsti photography
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Depression rya was made in early 2018, when Laura Jantunen was depressed and exhausted. The rya is made with miscellaneous yarns carefully punctured into linen fabric. The color yellow was chosen as the base of the rya because yellow is the best color.

The Rya was supposed to be a counterpane to a bed. But due to ever changing circumstances it has found its way to decorate WASTED performance. It has also ended up to the wall of Finish National museum Ateneum during Urbanapa-festival.

image with a pile of people taken for WASTED by Liina Aalto-Setälä

the other picture is from Urbanapa X Ateneum 2018 by Veera Konsti Photography


Kissankello, pampulakukka, niittynätkelmä ja kullero (2021) a birthday present for my dad


Dandelion (2021)

First (2018)