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I love working with yarn and for years this was visible in my yearly knitting sprees during the cold winter season. In 2018 yarns started to turn into knots in my hands and my rya obsession was born.


My first rya motifs were imaginary plants. At the end of 2019 while working on my dance piece Keltanen I realized that I wanted my rya to create movement in the eyes of a spectator. I danced and from my moving, I picked a movement and a feeling which I then made into a rya. The first rya born this way is titled "self-portrait"  and it was part of the performance Keltanen.

At the moment my main focus in rya is to study the intersection between a static rya and a moving body. I'm devoted to continuing my research, making my dance and rya installations as well as making one-of-a-kind dancing rya for my customers. 

I also make rya works that have poetry by Milka Luhtaniemi in them. 

Soft art by Laura Nen is a place where I publish, share and sell my work as a rya maker. To follow my rya-making process follow soft_art_by_laura_nen on Instagram. 

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Exhibitions & performances where my rya work has been present:


Kyykkijät (2022) in Poriginal gallery in Pori. 

Keltanen (2020) at Titanik-gallery, Turku. 

Kosminen salonki (2020) group show at Kosminen-gallery, Helsinki.

Urbanapa goes Ateneum (2018) in Ateneum museum, Helsinki. 

WASTED-performance in Publics, Helsinki.

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