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Ambeo is post humanistic landscape and playground filled with creatures. During the performance, the creatures form alliances, play games, flirt with the audience, and study their environment and each other.


Ambeo was created during a school project titled ACO (artistic collaboration). In ACO students from a different study, programs come together to create a dance performance. My personal goal as a choreographer during the course was to test my practice, Somagics with the dancers and see what kind of material we create together.


During the performance project, we realized that we had created a child-friendly performance for all ages.


How the movement material was created for AMBEO?


In Ambeo I concentrated on perception and questioned the everyday way of perceiving. I wondered what kind of movement material grows out of bodies that become aware of how they perceive their own bodies as places and their environment as an ever-changing landscape of sensory stimulus. And I did not want to stop at being aware of sensuous experiences but to actually start directing what kind of stimuli one wants to have. I labeled this extension of Somagics as ‘perceiving differently’. At its simplest, perceiving differently can be understood as radical awareness and possession of one's own sensory experiences. I noticed that a body that senses differently begins to produce non-human movement and a presence that oscillates in the middle ground between imagination and shared reality.

Working group

Choreography: Laura Jantunen

Sound design: Alina Ostrogradskaya

Light design: Ilmari Pesonen

Costume: Susanna Kasanen

Set design: Miina Kujala

Dancers: Heini Hermunen, Dory Ikonen, Vellamo Ikonen, Tuulia Ritsilä, Elli Virtanen

Pictures: Jussi Ulkuniemi


Premiere: Friday 9.12.2022

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