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TALVI (2019)

…this is winter, which nonetheless brings its own delights. – from the sonnet Winter (Antonio Vivaldi)


Winter, created by Laura Jantunen and her workgroup, explores the spatial, atmospheric, bodily and psychological characteristics of wintertime, gradually fleshing out the persona, the colours, the characteristics and the bodily qualities of the coldest season. 


The underlying process of Winter aims to build an equal relationship between the performing body and the other elements of the performance. All the elements work towards the same objective: an articulation of the experience and the essence of winter.


Winter is the first installment of Laura Jantunen's four-part series The Four Seasons. Each part of the series, a stage counterpart of Antonio Vivaldi's Le Quattro Staggioni (1725), is created during and inspired by the season in question.


"Winter crushes us in its arms, never gently. Its frost-bitten, cold fingers grip our outsides and push us in. Sometimes it tenderly sprinkles us with white – to make our falls on slippery roads a little softer. Gliding! The distinct style of movement tied to winter".

Premier 22.01. klo 19 Zodiak Stage

more details from Zodiak

review HBL (swedish), Hampaat

Choreography, concept: Laura Jantunen

Dance: Pauliina Sjöberg, Laura Jantunen

Space and sound: Destroyer2048 (Ilmari Karhu & Tatu Nenonen)

Costumes: Hanne Jurmu

Supported by: Oscar Öflundin säätiö

Residencies: Mustarinda (Hyrynsalmi), Ehkä-tuotanto (Turku)

Production: Zodiak – Uuden tanssin keskus, Laura Jantunen

Photo: Aapo Huhta

Performance photos: Katri Naukkarinen

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