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Outoliini (Oddling) looks at the moments in close relationships (family, friends, lovers, partners) where the societally constructed human in us steps into the background and enjoyment of being with a loved one emerges. In Outoliini we concentrated on non-sexual encounters. This limitation gave space to the naive, playful, flirtatious, and more-than-human forms of moving.

My personal inspiration for Outoliini was my way of being at home and with my dearest friends.  In this sense, Outoliini is a semi-autobiographical dance performance. To give a glimpse of how I behave with loved ones I prepared a list:

  • I stare at someone's armpit until they let me into their embrace

  • when I see my bestie across the street and we do a funny dance out of pure joy

  • I suddenly turn into a four-legged animal in our living room to get your attention

  • looking at something really close, for example staring at the small hairs in velvet for ten minutes

Outoliini is a sibling of Intimate scenes solo I made in 2021.

Disorientation, Somagics and Sara Ahmed 

In Outoliini we concentrated on disorientation as a method to direct movement. Disorientation and behavior with loved ones have similarities since both moments fool the person one way or another to act in a non-normative way. The theoretical framework of our work comes from Sara Ahmed's book Queer Phenomenology, where she opens the concept of disorientation from a phenomenological framework. Outoliini continues my research with Somagics, a practice where perception is at the center. 



Choreography: Laura Jantunen

Performers: Pauliina Sjöberg, Pääsky Miettinen and Laura Jantunen

Composer: Leevi Räsänen

Lighting design: Ilmari Pesonen

Scenography: Miina Kujala 

Dramaturg: Pipsa Enqvist 

Costume design, execution and ryijy: Laura Jantunen 

Performer during rehearsal period and voice coaching: Sofia Keto-Tokoi 

Vocals in the recordings: Sofia Keto-Tokoi, Pauliina Sjöberg, Iiris Miettinen, Leevi Räsänen and Laura Jantunen

Poster: Sirkku Rosi

Performance photos: Jere Aalto

outoliini 11 2 2023 final JPG-19.jpg
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outoliini 11 2 2023 final JPG-4.jpg
outoliini 11 2 2023 final JPG-2.jpg
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