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“Somagics is a game, a way of fooling around, a way of being precise, a proof of smarts, and a way of formulating a thought. It is a way of being me inside all the philosophies and dance practices living in me. Somagics is also a way of giving up, giving up on grasping someone else’s ideas. But in this letting go there is the access to formulate something of my own. Somagics is my own potion and you can have a sip.“

-Laura Nen, an excerpt from text “Miranda, Elina and Eliel”



Somagics is a phenomenological movement practice developed by Laura Jantunen. The name, Somagics comes from the words 'somatic', which means the lived and kinaesthetically sensed body of the mover, and the word 'magic', which refers to the mover's ability to recognise, restore, repeat, re-experience and even choreographically control their somatic states. At the center of Somagics is an intimate, detailed, and lively relationship with one's own sensory perception. One of the goals of Somagics is to expand the understanding of the body's ability to remember as well as rehearse the skill of the movers’ ability to return through their body to previously experienced sensations.

Somagics laboratory


Somagics laboratory is a weekly gathering where Jantunen develops and rehearses Somagics with movers. The aim of the classes is to research what Somagics is, what it can be, and how it can be choreographed.  The laboratory is held by Jantunen and everyone who wants can participate. Participation is free. 


At the moment Somagics Laboratory rehearsals are structured as (1) a warm-up that focuses on the body-mind connection, (2) an exercise where some new thought to the practice is introduced,  and (3) a final dance where movers are free to move and play together with previously opened body-mind connections. During the final dance, Jantunen tests compositional elements (such as repetition, duet, stop, etc.). After every exercise movers are able to share thoughts and experiences from the exercise.


For Jantunen Somagics Laboratory works as a way to keep an artistic practice alive between dance productions as well as a place to think and learn together.

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