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 A smell tells me about a rotten lemon lying on the table. When I touch it I can feel my finger piercing its soft surface. I notice how little mould particles separate from the lemon and shine in the sun rays coming from the window. I sense a little lift in my spine, the feeling of floating softness expands itself through my body. For a moment I'm hovering with the dust. 


Keltanen (Yellow) is a visit to a world which manifests as a range of sensations. The momentary nature of sensations carries with it excitement, discovery, and forgetting. The piece gathers and then lets go of what it has gathered. It surfaces and it recedes.


Keltanen is a dance piece and an installation connecting sensory and synaesthetic experiences. The starting point for Keltanen was a fascination with the colour yellow, which in the work itself is approached through a subjective experience. The ryijy rugs in the installation serve as a choreographic element, having resulted from a close interaction with the movement elements of the work.


Keltanen creates an interplay of sensory transpositions and surfaces: sound is visible and movement coloured. The exhibition draws out a world where sensory events are portrayed through a combination of movement, word-sound and different creatures. The work features a poem by Milka Luhtaniemi and a soundscape designed by Mitja Nylund.

Premier in Titanik gallery (Turku) in December 2020.

Article in Turun Sanomat click here

Choreography, dance, costume and concept: Laura Jantunen

Rya rugs: Laura Jantunen

Sound: Mitja Nylund

Text and Dramaturgy: Milka Luhtaniemi

Sound actors – Janna Loukas, Veli-Matti Ikävalko and Reetta Rönkä

Support: Arte Ry, Soome instituut together with Wihurin säätiö and Vaba Lava (Narva), Mustarinda (Hyrynsalmi), Ehkä-tuotanto (Turku)

Images: Laura Jantunen and pictures where Laura is dancing by Noora Isoeskelin 

Video. Laura Jantunen

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