A smell tells me about a rotten lemon lying on the table. When I touch it I can feel my finger piercing its soft surface. I notice how little mould particles separate from the lemon and shine in the sun rays coming from the window. I sense a little lift in my spine, the feeling of floating softness expands itself through my body. For a moment I'm hovering with the dust. 


Keltanen arrises from the moment when our senses get tangled and form synaesthetic experiences. It manifests a world where separating one sense from an another is no longer relevant and opens up a space where seeing is hearing and movement has colours. 

Premier in Titanik gallery (Turku) in April 2020.

Choreography, dance, costume and concept: Laura Jantunen

Rya rugs: Laura Jantunen

Sound: Mitja Nylund

Text and Dramaturgy: Milka Luhtaniemi

Support: Arte Ry, Soome instituut together with Wihurin säätiö and Vaba Lava (Narva), Mustarinda (Hyrynsalmi), Ehkä-tuotanto (Turku)

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