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KESÄ (2021)

Summer is a performance for summer. The work deals with summer, lives in summer and disappears into summer. The performance, built on dance and sound, takes place outdoors, in the middle of a wooded landscape. A multi-sensory work seeks to capture, understand, and stop a small piece of summer as it is at the time the work is made.


Summer is the second part of Laura Jantunen's four-part series Four Seasons. Each part of the series is made during and under the influence of that season. The first part of the series Talvi (Winter) premiered in January 2019 at Zodiak - Center for New Dance.

Seassa collective wrote a poem about Kesä.

Concept: Laura Jantunen

Choreography: Laura Jantunen and working group

Working group: Pie Kär, Pauliina Sjöberg, Sofia Keto-Tokoi, Oula Rytkönen, Ilmari Paananen and Laura Jantunen

Performance: Laura Jantunen, Sofia Keto-Tokoi, Oula Rytkönen and Pie Kär

Costumes: Pauliina Sjöberg

Producer: Laura Jantunen

Publicist: Inari Pesonen

Supported by: SKR - Uusimaa, Helsingin kaupunki and Taike

Premier was 21.08.2021 in a forest near Viikki, Helsinki.

Photos of performance: Liina Aalto-Setälä ​

Cover photo: Laura Jantunen

Neljä vuodenaikaa - Kesä.jpeg
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